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Social Enterprise West Midlands is a growing network of over 400 members involved in the social enterprise sector in the West Midlands. We offer free membership which gives you access to a number of benefits. Full details including an online application form are available in the Join Us section. Should you have any membership enquiries please call us on 0845 450 7515.

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Types of social enterprise

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Social Enterprise is an umbrella term for many types of social enterprise models and structures including:

Social firms: Created for the primary purpose of providing jobs and training opportunities for disabled people e.g. Concept Conference Centre

Development trusts: Focus on the environmental, economic and social regeneration of a specific geographic area or community e.g. All Saints Action Network

Credit unions: Financial co-operatives providing saving and lending services to their members e.g. 6 Towns Credit Union

Community Development Finance Initiatives (CDFIs): Provide loans and support to people and businesses that find it difficult to access mainstream finance e.g. Aston Reinvestment Trust

Co-operatives: Structured and run in accordance with the seven international co-operative principles.  There are many types of co-operative business (worker, consumer, marketing, food, agricultural, secondary) e.g. Think Venue

Leisure Trusts: Organisations set up to independently run local authority leisure services. Various bodies have been set up across the UK taking over sports, museums, libraries and other leisure facilities e.g. Halo Leisure

Football supporters trusts: Democratic organisation that draws its members from the community where a particular football team is active, and aims to strengthen links between the club and the local community e.g. Telford United Supporters Trust

Housing associations: Some housing associations – companies in charge of managing housing stock – are also social enterprises e.g. Aspire Housing

Community enterprises: Serve a geographical community or community of interest and has representatives from the community on its board of directors.

Fair trade or ethical businesses.  Some of these businesses are social enterprises e.g. Divine Chocolate

Trading arms of charities, voluntary and community organisations.

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