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Social Enterprise West Midlands is a growing network of over 400 members involved in the social enterprise sector in the West Midlands. We offer free membership which gives you access to a number of benefits. Full details including an online application form are available in the Join Us section. Should you have any membership enquiries please call us on 0845 450 7515.

The Time is Now

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A vision and prospectus for social enterprise

In The Time is Now we put forward a vision for social enterprise in the West Midlands over the next five years and outline some of the practical measures that are needed to realise that vision. This is not so much a strategy for any one organisation but a route map for all fellow-travellers. Our hope is that this document can be used to help guide a range of key audiences and encourage them to work with others to achieve some important common goals.

We believe The Time is Now to:

1. Make social enterprise the first choice. More people need to understand social enterprise and how to get involved with the sector.   We must attract people to innovate, lead and work in social enterprises and encouarge more people and businesses to buy from them.  With its enterprise focus, the sector must establish a clear identity that differentiates it from other sectors and highlights the value it offers.

2. Enable the sector to thrive. In addition to exceptional management, responsible governance and good judgement, social enterprises need to understand and respond to the needs of the market, have aspirations for change and sustainable enterprise and make full use of the widest range of experience, skills and expertise available.

3. Strengthen support to the sector. A successful, sustainable and confident social enterprise sector in the West Midlands will result from the aspiration, energy and capability of individual social enterprises and those that lead them. It will also come from the support and stimulus offered by strategic planning, business and enterprise support agencies, and professional services providers.

Your part in achieving the vision

Our vision for social enterprise in the West Midlands can only become a reality when social enterprises, business advice agencies, investors, lenders, pubic sector agencies, and active citizens take action. So what can you do next?

1. Download The Time is Now or request a copy from us by calling 0345 450 7515 or email us.

2. Read revelant to you and the calls to action. From page 37 onwards we have made some practical suggestions to help get you started.

3. Please use the Prospectus to start thinking about new opportunities, and start a discussion with colleagues and friends about how it relates to you.

4. Decide what action might be right for you and what you will need from others, including professional advisers and other support agencies in the region.

Please take action – The Time is Now!

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Stuart Emmerson | Regional Business Director

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